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St Cross Electronics was founded in 1983, and since that date have been manufacturing cable assemblies and looms from our base here in Southampton, UK. We are involved in many market sectors and are very successful in these. In the early 2000’s, motorsport markets became interested in us due to our military wiring background. In 2007 we decided to have a dedicated website for this side of our business, and so motorsport cables came about. This site showcases the work we do, and can do, in the Autosport industry, plus also details some of the hardware we can help supply and support with our partners that compliments the quality cable wiring we produce here in Southampton.


We predominantly manufacture wiring looms, this makes up for 80% of our business. We supply from the club racer to F1 teams in Europe and NASCAR in the USA. We also supply hardware from ECU’s, Sensors and our own Electronic Display Steering Wheel .
Having these hardware solutions enables us to provide the full solution from start to finish. We even have our own in house support on looms and ECU’s and this can even be taken to the track side.
Quality is Key to us. We aim to deliver a quality product from the moment you first make contact with us. Be that help on the phone or a fully functioning electronic system for your application. Contact us today and we can start to work together.

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St Cross Electronics
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