Battery Isolation

"all race cars need to have battery isolation; using solid state electronics eradicates all moving parts used on other isolation systems and thus improves reliability"

Battery isolation systemsMost FIA race and rally championships require cars to be fitted with a spark-proof master switch to cut off all electrical circuits and stop the engine. The Cartek Battery Isolator meets these requirements. This Battery Isolation system is revolutionary compared to what else is out on the market. The Solid State Isolator contains two isolation circuits. The first breaks the connection between the negative side of the vehicle’s battery from chassis/earth, thereby isolating the battery power, while the second cuts power to the engine electrics and thereby stops the engine from running. Solid State means no moving parts; all power switching is fully electronic. Early types of electrical isolation were by large mechanical master-switches while more modern systems have utilised electro-mechanical solenoids. Both of these types of systems contain mechanical electrical contacts which, due to the combination of high electrical current and the shocks and vibration of the race car environment, sparking between the contacts can occur which can result in contact erosion and eventual unreliability. This Solid State Isolator is also filled with a hard setting resin which prevents any ingress of dust, dirt or water therefore further increasing its strength and reliability. Designed to be chassis mounted close to the vehicle’s battery, this allows the heavy current power cables to be kept as short as possible.


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Battery isolationTypical installation requires one external kill button and just one internal on-off switch which are all interconnected using low voltage wiring. However, the flexibility of this system also allows additional kill button/devices to be incorporated as well as full operation using just a single on/off switch if necessary. Microprocessor controlled incorporating false trigger detection, internal temperature monitoring and short-circuit protection offer unprecedented safety. At just 140g this Isolator is also incredibly light. This device is available in three different engine configurations. Standard, GT and Formula. We recommend the Standard Battery Isolator for engines up to 3000cc and the GT for engines over 3000cc, tuned turbo engines and highly modified race engines running high compression. Formula has been designed for cars that do not run a charging system such as Formula 3.

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