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"a racing steering wheel with electronics display run over CANBUS or RS232"

New for 2013 is the modified FISW electronics steering wheel. This now meets the FiA requirements and still features the cutting edge technology as its predecessor.

The FISW-X Race Steering Wheel integrates a simple LED display with Gear Shift Paddles and other ECU Control functions into a single system with either a RS232 or CAN Interface. All components are supplied by St Cross Electronics and built by St Cross Electronics in the UK.

The main features of the system are as follows:

  • High Brightness 7-Segment LED Displays arranged as two five character windows with central gear display.
  • 15 LED Shift Lights. Left and Right Gear Shift Paddles with magnetic over centre feel.
  • Push Buttons for ECU/GCU control - Neutral, Push to Pass (or Launch), Pit Lane Limiter.
  • Push Buttons for Steering Wheel control - Cancel Alarm, Start Race Timer, Set Up Control and Recall Control.
  • Radio Push Button to control car to pit radio. Two Rotary Switches to select display pages and mode/brightness.
  • Rotary Switches for Traction Control.
  • All inputs and outputs encoded in CAN data stream (ECU specific).
  • Optional Display Controller which accepts sensors inputs and provides 0 to 5 volts logic outputs for paddles and switches.
  • Internal Steering Wheel Functions include:
  • Lap Timing with Delta Display (depends on ECU facilities and may require Lap Beacon Receiver Interface).
  • Warnings for Coolant and Oil Temperature, Oil and Fuel Pressure, and Battery Voltage.
  • Various Display Combinations (Pages) that can be chosen in Set Up Mode.
  • Lap Time Recall Mode.

CAN Interfaces Some of the ECU's that can be connected to the FISW Steering Wheel are the Pectel SQ6, EFI Euro 4 and 12, MoTec (various models), MBE, DTA, Life Racing etc. RS232 Interfaces the Stack RS232 protocol transmitted by some ECU's will be supported by RS232 versions. Power Requirements 9 to 16 volts at less than 1 amp. Load dump protected to 75 volts and reverse polarity protected.

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