FIA Approved LED Rain Light Electronics

"this rain light is the first and only one designed to meet the 2008 FiA specification"

This is the first, and only, rain light in the world that has been specifically designed to meet the new FIA specification introduced in 2008 and that has passed the required FIA tests for light intensity, beam angle and heat resistance.

Even more remarkable is that all these requirements have been met and the unit still only measures at 57mmX90mm, weighs only 153g and draws less than 200mA at 12v.

Furthermore, this performance has been achieved with just 15. Attention has also been made to the construction of the unit to make it physically robust to withstand the harsh environment of the race car.  The unit can also be supplied in traditional 'static' form or 3Hz flashing.  St Cross can supply these as standalone items or we can incorporate the unit with a custom made or generic wiring loom.

This can also be supplied with the LED rain light switch.

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