UL and ISO Approvals

You deserve the assurance that after installing a cable assembly it's going to work. All cables pass through our QA Department where they undergo final inspection. Final inspection includes visual checks to the customer drawing as well as checking that all operations have been carried correctly and logged down for full traceability. When you power up your application you want the confidence that everything is going to power up correctly and function first time.

Every single cable assembly we manufacture is tested 100% using Cirris test machines. Each connection on the tester simulates a particular electrical function. This test ensures that all connections are working properly, that we have fully connected circuits with no short or open circuits. We can offer low and/or high pot testing up to 1500V.

When you purchase a St Cross Electronics harness, we GUARANTEE it is going to work. We are fully approved to the ISO9000:2008, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standards. We are audited each year. We have held the ISO9000 standard since 1990 when it was then known as BS5750; in 2008 we were awarded certification to ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. In 2010 we added UL Certification to our quality standards. Our file numbers are ZPFW2.E338838 and ZPFW8.E338838.

We aim to always offer a service called 'first off build approval'. Basically this means we make a one off and send it back to the customer so you can be sure it is correct before we go into full scale manufacture.

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